For a couple of years, Tuneswap happened every week at the Fiddle Barn on Boylston St. in Boston, MA. Here are the tunes we learned. This page will also feature new mp3s presented by Andy Reiner and other Tuneswappers. It is a growing mass of tunes!

Bison Polska
Cutting Ferns
Danish Tune 1
Drunken Mosquitos
Duncan’s Tune
Eric’s Tune
The Eyeball at the Bottom of the Well
The Fair Dancer
French Canadian Tune 1
French Canadian Tune 2
Ganaine Reel
Horse Tigers
Johnas’s Polska
Cape Breton Tune 1
Knife Fight
Master Crowleys
Meg Grey
Mick’s Knitted Triplets
Morning Dew
Tater Mash
Nicki’s Jig
Reel de Joie
Road Dog
Ice Cream Melts the Rain
Swedish Polska
Swedish Niel’s Polka (Danish)
Tuva’s Tune
Under The Moon
Vals Efter Gås Anders
Vondez Waltz – Bear Dance – Reel
Washington Square Park
Willow on the Lake

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