2-CD Set: 52 Traditional Tunes from Fiddle Hell: Played Fast and Slow
Reiner Family Band


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A tune for every week of the year! Each tune from the Fiddle Hell Common Tune List is played both up-to-tempo and slowly. Includes reels, jigs, waltzes, hornpipes and airs from Southern, Northern, Irish, Scottish, Canadian, and other traditional fiddle styles.

This will help you prepare for Fiddle Hell, or learn the tunes even if you can’t make it this year. Order a copy for yourself and for a friend or family member, and you can learn the same tunes to play next time you’re together.

What fiddlers are saying:

Jean: “Just wanted to tell you the CD is great! Even knowing a lot of the tunes, I love hearing a variation and the backup as well! Fabulous job putting it together. In fact, I’m going to be ordering a few more from you to give as gifts to friends.”

Mat: “The playing is good, precise and done with a light touch… good teachin’ material. The tempos of the band tracks are the kind you’d hear at a festival or dance; no pussyfooting… I’m happy. This is some decent tutelage and motivation to learn a tune a week. To the woodshed…”

Tom: “Even if it takes the rest of my life to learn all these tunes each Fiddle Hell will be better because of it… This is a great resource and well worth the price!”

Laquetta: “It is easy to hear the melody in both slow and fast versions… For the first time ever, I’m actually learning by ear and not frantically searching the Internet for a version of the sheet music that more or less matches the version of the tune I’m trying to learn… I really liked your slow versions. In the few days I’ve had the CDs, I’ve probably learned more about good playing techniques than I have in the year I’ve been learning… I can hear when you hammer on, pick up a string an octave below for resonance, or do slides or grace notes and the all the various things that add texture but can’t be heard at “full” slow speed. I can hear some of how the bow is used to create the effects. This is all stuff I’ve read about, but never really experienced. It’s been a real eye-opener.”

George: “If you’re looking for a nice mix of must-know tunes this is a great set of CD’s. They are played at a modest tempo, very clear and well recorded and a VERY slow tempo as well. Each tune is played a couple times through and usually more ornamented each time around. All are accompanied by Dave’s family band. Most prominent being the piano, which is excellent. These CD’s are as much a joy just to entertain as they are to learn from.”

Willy: “Great arrangements with very clear fiddling. And although I’ll probably never get to Fiddle Hell, this will be a good resource for me to expand my repertoire.”

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