The Fiddle Barn – Free Album

You are about to experience the sounds of an epic 2 day jamming party hosted by Andy Reiner at The Fiddle Barn in Boston, MA in April 2008. These 12 songs and tunes – edited from more than 18 hours of recordings – give a taste of the insane energy constantly erupting through the weekend.

It might be impossible to identify everyone on these recordings, but here’s a start. People making sounds include: Andy Reiner, Chris Turner, Rachel Maloney, Stash Wyslouch, Jesse Biegel, Nate Leath, Bronwyn Bird, Louie Joliat, Julie Metcalf, Eric Robertson, Duncan Wickel, Amberly Rosen, and Dan Goodman.


These are downloadable mp3s.  Download them and share with your friends!

1 Response to The Fiddle Barn – Free Album

  1. Donna Murphy says:

    Thank you so much for these inspirational tunes. I am so jazzed now to play more and to learn more so I can jam with friends. I feel like I am right there. Your love and expertise comes through these tunes. Thank you again so much for sharing and inspiring.

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