Tuneswap in Burlington, MA

Tuneswap is now part of the Traditional Music Project at the Real School of Music in Burlington, MA. Learn more at

7pm-9pm @ The Real School of Music, 56 Middlesex Turnpike, Burlington, MA
2011 Winter/Spring Dates:

January 31st
February 14th and 28th
March 14th and 28th
April 11th and 25th
May 9th and 23rd


Tired of playing the same tunes? Join fiddler Andy Reiner and other area acoustic musicians for a weekly communal tune learning session! Tunes are presented by ear by Tuneswap leaders and Tuneswap attendees (Tuneswappers) alike. Each Tuneswap session, we will share a tune or two in traditional styles in easily digestible phrases and jam on our new shared repertoire. Recordings of the tunes presented will be freely available for reference (although a recording device is highly recommended as well!)

All acoustic instruments that can function melodically in a folk setting are welcome (fiddle, mandolin, guitar, banjo, flute, whistle, accordion, concertina, harmonica, cello…) as well as all styles (Old Time, Bluegrass, Irish, Scottish, Quebequois, Swedish, Cajun, etc.) Tuneswappers should have at least a basic understanding of their instruments and learning by ear. Rhythm/Chord players may attend if they are able to learn the melodies first on their instruments. Weekly attendance is encouraged but not required.

All for just $15 a session, you will go home each week with new tunes and new friends. Bring your tireless thirst for new tunes and join us in a fun, respectful, musical learning environment at the inspiring Real School of Music! Be a part of the natural fluid development of traditional music. See you at Tuneswap!

1 Response to Tuneswap in Burlington, MA

  1. Joe Lutz says:

    Please keep me informed about this group. thanks!

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